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At Kurenai, we stand firmly behind the quality of our knives. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Kurenai on Media

The Kurenai knife was featured in a video by Kimono Mom!  Let’s watch how impressed Kimono Mom was.

Samurai Edge: Unleashing the Legendary Blade in Your Kitchen!

What Sets Kurenai Apart
Kurenai is proud to stand out from the crowd, and here’s why:

1. Authentic Japanese Craftsmanship: Each Kurenai knife is meticulously handcrafted in Japan by skilled artisans. This isn’t just about tradition; it’s the secret to our knives’ unmatched durability and razor-sharp edge.

2. Genuine “Made in Japan” Quality: While others claim to be “Made in Japan,” many Damascus knives on the market are actually produced in China or Vietnam by large corporations. We’re the real deal, made with care and precision right here in Japan.

3. Customized for You: To tailor Kurenai to fit the preferences and lifestyles of our international customers, we ensure that our knives can be used for an extended period in households. Ease of maintenance is crucial, and this is facilitated by our blade material, AUS-8, which offers durability and easy maintenance, addressing the unique challenges faced by users.

4. Thoughtful Handle Design: We know that hands come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we’ve carefully designed our knife handles to ensure a comfortable grip, catering to the needs of our diverse global community.

What is KURENAI?

Introducing Kurenai: The Effortless Slice Masterpiece!

Unveil the essence of Japanese cutlery with “Kurenai,” born in the heart of Seki City, Gifu Prefecture – the global hub of cutlery craftsmanship.

800 years ago, skilled swordsmiths discovered the magic of this blessed land, where high-quality soil and pristine water breathed life into blades of unparalleled strength and razor-sharp precision.

Feel the thrill of effortless slicing as “Kurenai” glides through ingredients with just its own weight – no force needed! Bid farewell to kitchen struggles and embrace the lasting delight of this extraordinary sharpness.

Unleash the Overwhelming Sharpness!

With Kurenai, you can cook without breaking the cells of the ingredients, preserving their natural flavor, freshness, and enhancing their texture and taste. Prepare to be asked, “How have you improved your cooking skills!?”


Crafted to Last a Lifetime

Layered with different types of steel, Kurenai boasts exceptional durability. Consistently sharpen it following the manual, and it becomes your lifelong companion. No more need for constant replacements of inexpensive knives!

Unlock the Beauty of Kurenai: A Flame-Forged Masterpiece!

Other features:

Crafted with the Legendary Damascus Steel: Our blade boasts the mesmerizing pattern of a burning flame, turning heads and sparking conversations in your kitchen!

Designed for Unparalleled Comfort: The octagonal-shaped handle ensures a perfect fit even for the most sizable hands, allowing you to wield Kurenai with ease and precision.

Kurenai: The Soul of Samurai Knives from the Legendary Blade-Producing Heartland!

“Kurenai” is a true Japanese kitchen knife, crafted with great care by skilled artisans of a long-established cutlery manufacturer with an 800-year history. Born in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, one of the world’s leading cutlery production centers, this kitchen knife embodies the essence of the Japanese cutlery industry.

Discover the Legendary Blades of Seki City – Unbreakable, Unbendable, and Exceptionally Sharp!

Welcome to Gifu Prefecture, nestled in the heart of the Japanese archipelago, where history and craftsmanship meet to create something truly extraordinary. Explore the wonders of Seki City, an area in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture, with a rich heritage in the cutlery industry.

800 years ago, the story began as skilled swordsmiths sought a home in this blessed land, with its high-quality soil and pristine water. From that moment, the legacy of Seki City was born, where blades emerged with a reputation for unparalleled strength and razor-sharp precision.

Step into the realm of Seki City’s sword-making artistry, where each blade is masterfully forged to be “unbreakable, unbendable, and exceptionally sharp.” Now, we invite you to own a piece of this ancient tradition and be a part of its revival.

Join our Kickstarter journey to support and preserve the legacy of Seki City’s legendary blades.

Kurenai: Embrace the Essence of Japanese Blades, Forged by Master Artisans

Are you tired of using knives that go dull after every sharpening, and blades that chip away far too quickly? Have you found yourself constantly replacing cheap knives, thinking it’s just the norm? It’s time to break free from the cycle and discover a knife that redefines durability and sharpness!

Discover Kurenai: Where Craftsmanship Meets Culinary Passion

Japanese kitchen knives made by skilled craftsmen with unwavering dedication and without mass production have been loved throughout the ages. Our aim was to create genuine kitchen knives that will continue to be loved by ordinary households over the ages, not by professional cooks.

KURENAI kitchen knives are purely made in Japan, embodying what we consider to be “ease of use” and “excellence.” We have carefully selected the model and price so that anyone, from those who find cooking a chore to those who just love to cook, can pick up one of our knives.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. Reserve your KURENAI today and experience the true artistry that elevates each slice, each slice, and each meal to extraordinary heights. The perfect blend of tradition and innovation awaits you!

Support Preserving the Artistry in Japan

In a world where the cherished art of “craftsmanship” is at risk, we refuse to let it fade away! Introducing the Kurenai Project, a movement dedicated to upholding the centuries-old tradition that thrives within Japan.

Together, let’s ensure that the skills and heritage of our master artisans endure for generations to come. Join us on this extraordinary journey and become a guardian of Japanese craftsmanship!

The “experience” and “skills” of craftsmen developed on-site over many years have fueled the global acclaim of “Made in Japan” for its meticulousness, reliability, and top-notch quality. As our aging society sees a decline in these skilled artisans, the traditional Japanese knife industry faces unprecedented challenges from cheap overseas imitations.

But fear not, for Kurenai holds the key to safeguarding this time-honored craft!

Join us on this revolutionary Kickstarter journey, where your support translates into preserving the very heart of Japan’s knife-making heritage. By empowering Kurenai, you empower the future of authentic Japanese craftsmanship.

Stand with us, and together, we’ll make history in the name of tradition, excellence, and the true essence of “Made in Japan.” Pledge now to secure your exclusive piece of cultural legacy with Kurenai!

Kurenai: The Soul of Japan

Step into the world of Japanese knives, where top chefs worldwide are singing their praises. With a history stretching back 1300 years to the Nara period, these iconic blades have captured hearts throughout the ages. Drawing inspiration from Japanese swords of old, the roots of Japan’s renowned knives lie in the elegant craftsmanship of the past.

From Samurai Swords to Culinary Mastery: Embrace the Legacy of Japanese Knives

As the demand for swords dwindled in the Edo period, skilled swordsmiths adapted their artistry to crafting cutting tools. “The sword is the soul of the samurai,” they said, as these remarkable Japanese swords were not just beautiful but also possessed unparalleled strength and ease of use. Today, this same passion and spirit are channeled into the creation of Japanese kitchen knives, continuing the legacy of exceptional craftsmanship.

Join us on a journey that traces the path from ancient warrior blades to the mastery of culinary excellence. Experience the true essence of Japan’s cutting-edge heritage with Kurenai, a knife that carries the timeless spirit of the samurai in every slice.

Today, this same fervor lives on, continuing the legacy in the form of Japanese kitchen knives. Japan’s excellence lies in harmonizing an unwavering pursuit of perfection with a delicate appreciation for beauty in every detail.

At Kurenai, we embrace and support those who quietly uphold this timeless spirit, making it felt worldwide through the art of cooking – a ritual that underpins daily lives. Join us in preserving this invaluable tradition and experiencing the soul of Japan in your culinary journey.

This Kickstarter marks our first stride, and we need your support to make Kurenai a reality. Crafted by skilled artisans, this purely Japanese-made knife stands apart from mere “Japanese-style knives.” For those seeking the joy of cooking and supporting traditional craftsmanship, we humbly ask for your support in preserving this remarkable heritage.

Dimensions & Descriptions

Caring for Kurenai: Preserving Perfection for a Lifetime

To ensure Kurenai remains your faithful companion throughout the years, remember these key points for its cherished care:

With these simple guidelines, your Kurenai will grace your kitchen for a lifetime, serving up culinary perfection with each slice. Embrace the spirit of preservation and let Kurenai shine as the epitome of enduring quality and craftsmanship.


This is how we ROLL!

Introducing Kurenai Rolling Knife Sharpener


Say goodbye to tedious traditional sharpening methods!

With Kurenai Rolling Knife Sharpener, achieving factory-sharp knives is now a breeze for anyone, no mastery required. This innovative tool comes equipped with 20° and 15° sharpening angles, ensuring precision with every stroke.

Secure your blade effortlessly with the magnetic knife holder, and simply roll the sharpening disc back and forth until your knives reach razor-sharp perfection in minutes!

But that’s not all – to hone the edge, simply flip it over and use the stainless steel disc. Say hello to effortless and stylish sharpening with Kurenai Rolling Knife Sharpener!


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

How to return and get full refund:
1: Within 30 days of receiving the product, request a refund on the designated form.
2: Using the return box and label sent from us, please send it back to our office within one week of receiving the return box.
3: As soon as the product is returned, we will proceed with the process for a full refund.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or offer refunds in cases where it is observed that the product has been damaged intentionally by the customer. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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