Adjustable inner pillows for the perfect sleeping position

Develope Process :

Ready-made pillow vs Customized pillow

The development of C7 Pillow begins with the question of whether ready-made pillows can satisfy the body types of different people. Uniform pillows made from molds and fixed frames or those filled with a lump of cotton often cause discomfort.

We wanted to make pillows that suit various body types, especially by adjusting the head and neck parts. Sleep is a critical factor in our daily life. A comfortable sleep allows the brain to rest after consuming much energy and relaxes the body to become healthy. With the C7 pillow that adjusts to fit your body, you will experience a more comfortable and sound sleep.

Each person has a different body shape. You can fit C7 into your head & body.

The C7 Pillow is precisely set up to fit the user’s head and neck and controllable to a height that suits all body types.

Inner Pillow that controls height adjustment to fit body shape.

* The function of inner pillow at each sector

The neck sector of the inner pillow is inserted independently to support the neck effectively. As the inner pillow is inserted into the upper and lower neck parts, you can use both the upper and lower surfaces. Another inner pillow is inserted on both sides to fix the head to not fall out of the pillow.

* Assembled inner pillow

The inner pillow’s two sectors are assembled to form the C-Nest (Control and Comfort Nest) area of the center that comfortably supports the head.

The inner pillow divides the inside of the pillow to control the movement of cotton within the sector.

We considered structural innovation for different body types.Therefore, the structure was designed so that each part was ‘assembled’.

Easy height adjustment

As C7 Pillow is assembled with the inner pillow, you can rub the sector and control the height. You can independently control the inner pillow.

We cut the pillow with scissors to show the structure.

Inner structure : The inner pillow is placed on the top and bottom of the C7 Pillow, and you can adjust the height of the neck part by rubbing the pillow.

 Inside the C7 Pillow: Two Inner pillows supports your neck

How to use :

Setting it high :  Increase the height of the neck part by rubbing the side part of the inner pillow to send the cotton to the center

Setting it low : Lower the height of the neck part by pushing the center part of the inner pillow to disperse the cotton to the sides.

Adjustment High or Low : Neck part by rubbing

Resilience test (Microfiber filler inside inner pillow)

C-Nest : fixes the head

The assembled inner pillow creates the nest structure that the hollow space in the center supports the weight of your head.

Distribution of pressure

Measure the part where the head touches with a machine that can measure pressure. This pillow is not pressure because it is empty in the middle(C-Nest structure).

Tactilus® Real-Time Surface Pressure Mapping Technology

C7 pillow pressure measurement using Tactilus detection elements, herbs and software

* Uncolored part = part that is not pressure

* Colored part(blue) = part that is pressure

* C-Curve creates the most comfortable shape for sleep

Air circulation structure

The hollow space inside the C-nest creates a system where air flows freely.

Ergonomic structure

Empty space of C-nest allows free circulation of air, adding a cushiony feeling to the head and keeping it cool.

When lying straight, create a C-curve.

When lying side, less ear-pression.

Nest for your head, as empty space

There is empty space in C7 Pillow like a bird nest. This nest structure supports and catch your head. You feel comfortable by dispersing the weight of your head with this structure.(volume of a nest = About 1 liter or more)

Everyone has a different neck length

Even though the contact area with the pillow is small, neck supports the most weight. You need a pillow that provides the contact that fits the length of your neck.

Change Direction

C7 Pillow has two different range above and below the pillow. You can choose any range according to the neck length.

The contact surface length above and below the C-nest is designed differently, so you can turn the pillow around depending on your neck length.

Pure Cotton & 3D Mesh

Mesh exterior and embossed cotton pillow cover for design and material supplementation

It used mesh to enhance the function of the C7 Pillow, meeting with a 100% pure cotton washed pillowcase that adds function and design.

Synergy of two materials

The embossing of pure cotton increases breathability and moisture absorption, providing a pleasant and cool sensation. The 3D air mesh with good air permeability releases heat from cotton and maintains comfort.

3D air mesh

Air mesh material with excellent air permeability delivers cool air.

3D air mesh is used a lot as a pillow material for babies because it has good resilience, cushion and breathability.

Cotton Fabric Case

For safe use on sensitive skins, natural pure cotton is used for the embossed fabric. We have taken extra care in selecting the material as the product is in close contact with the body.

Because it is made of handmade, it is not the same pattern like a fingerprint.

For your sensitive skin, C7 Pillow are made of natural pure cotton. C7 features a wave-tex embossed pattern from its handmade technique.

The pillow cover that you can use on both sides

The zipper is attached to the top, minimizing the discomfort caused by the zipper when used on both sides.

The zipper is 1cm inside from the end, so the finish is neat when the pillow cover is put on.

Coated microfiber

The microfiber cotton is coated for volume and anti-clumping and boasts excellent water repellency and resilience.

Microfiber is processed to the most optimal short length, and it gets less tangled and has better resilience than ordinary pillow cotton.

Cotton water repellency test

The space between cotton drains water well during washing, making it quick to dry.

Silicon-coated microfibers hold their shape with their elasticity and resiliency. They absorb micro shocks from your neck and shoulders so you can sleep more comfortably. The microfiber filler can be removed or added for the perfect height.

Thin & Short microfiber won’t get clumped while providing superior support. Silicon Coated fibers repel water and won’t clump together.

Convenient whole washing

Memory forms or latex pillows cannot be washed.

As the pillow itself is washable, you can wash it more frequently and easily and use it cleanly.

The structure assembled with the inner pillow reduces the cotton clumping and deformation. Microfiber dries quickly by nature.

Put it in the washing net and throw it in the washing machine!

Frequently wash the pillow in the washing net. You can use it more cleanly than just washing the pillowcase.  Because a pillow comes in direct contact with your skin. (Please refer to the washing instructions)

Easily and Frequently

Did you only wash the pillow cover every time? C7 Pillow can be washed as a whole! (please use the laundry bag.)

C7 Develope Process :

Uncomfortable → Improvement → Add new ideas

The C7 Pillow started with a complaint of my wife wanting to wash the whole pillow. She said that the cotton tends to clump to one side and doesn’t return to its original shape when laundering the pillow. I wanted to make a pillow that is easy to wash and maintains its original shape even after washing.

To keep the shape of the cotton, I divided into sections and made independent inner pillow parts that cotton can move and put the parts together.

Even though we were using the same pillow, my wife and I feel differently comfortable., because the sleeping habits are different. We needed a pillow to fit. So, I created an empty space in the center by combining inner pillow parts. This is how the Catching Nest that holds the head came to life.

C7 Pillows are now customized for each individual. I slightly adjusted the central alignment of the Catching Nest and modified the upper and lower lengths for more effective personalized use.

The exterior 3D mesh has good air permeability and improves air circulation in the Air Circulating Zone of the Catching Nest in the center. The pillow case touches the face every day, it uses an embossed cotton case that has a much better feel to touch. This embossing is highly breathable, giving it a cool touch and increasing moisture absorption.

I repeated washing and drying dozens of times with different lengths to find the most optimal length of microfiber for washing. As a result, I found the microfiber condition that’s best for the cotton position, washing, and drying.

Well, through all these processes, C7 Pillows were were developed.

Why the name ‘C7’ Pillow?

To give a name to the new pillow, I listed all the characteristics and keywords of this pillow. The most significant characteristic of this pillow is that it can be individually “controlled and set up.” Since this feature was focused on “customizing” of each individual. Then, I collected a few more words and tried to associate them with the features of this pillow. One of the essential highlights of the pillow is the specially developed “cloudy cotton”. Another is that the outer surface of the pillow is covered with mesh material for breathability. Considering that the pillow is in direct contact with the face every day, a 100% “cotton case” was adopted. I found that words with the initial C about this pillow. Therefore, the name C7 was born by extracting the 7 representative characteristics of the pillow.

Handmade 1 : Complicated structure

Why automated production is difficult : Complex structure

We produce all the pillows by hand. This is because the structure of this pillow is very complicated.

First, we make two pillows side separately, and insert the inner pillow into one of side. Only then will the airhole is created. Then we combine two pillows and many parts,  cover the mesh on the outside.

Since this pillow is a structure that assembles a lot of parts, the cotton must be charged separately for each compartment. This is why it is difficult to make the C7 Pillow into an automation process. So the C7 Pillows are all made of handmade.

Handmade 2 : 100% Cotton fabric

Fabric loss rate for Embossing

The pure cotton fabric used for the pillow cover is handmade and washed, creating embossing in this process. To make this embossing pattern from the fabric, at least 30% of the fabric gets lost. Not embossing the same fabric yields about 30% wider fabric than the embossed one. However, we are adopting this processing technique at the cost of losing fabric to reduce the contact area with the skin, give a more comfortable feeling, and increase the breathability of pure cotton from the embossing.

For your valuable rest and sleep

We have limited time and money for good rest and sleep. Since health starts from quality rest and sleep, it is vital to use your limited resources wisely. For valuable rest and sleep, we have been manufacturing functional pillows based on numerous sleep-related research and data.

We also analyzed and reflected sleep conditions. As a result, we captured the seven properties of

  • ❶ Control and Set up,
  • ❷ Customizing,
  • ❸ Catching Nest,
  • ❹ Casting Personally,
  • ❺ Cotton & Mesh,
  • ❻ Cloudy Cotton,
  • ❼ Cleaning,

and created a pillow called C7 unified with the letter C. We recommend that you use a C7 pillow customized to fit your body type rather than a ready-made pillow. We want you to have a good rest and sleep. This is to wish you good health and happiness. It is not hard to achieve with the C7 pillow.