Anymotor—Versatile Powerful Hair Dryer, Air Pump & Blower

Anymotor is equipped with 3 kinds of mouthpieces, which are used with different mouthpieces and have different functions.

Flat mouth: The flat mouth design is suitable for cleaning the dust on your keyboard, sofa slits, air vents in the car

Round mouth: The round mouth design is suitable for providing you with even wind, quickly drying your clothes and creating natural wind when taking pictures

Sharp mouth: The sharp mouth design is suitable for making romantic props, blowing balloons, etc.

Anymotor uses a powerful motor, 108000rmp/min, high-speed and high-pressure strong wind, which can quickly dry the water.

3 gears of wind, different winds can be used according to the actual situation

Anymotor has a built-in 1100mAh battery that can last for 2.5 hours. It only takes 2H to fully charge.

Built-in battery, no charging cable, it is very convenient to carry and use at any time.

The size of Anymotor is only 122*61*38mm, and it weighs only 245g. Smaller than Iphone Max,so it can be easily put in your pocket and carried around.

The Anymotor’s handle has an oval shape, which is ergonomic for the hand to hold objects and is very comfortable to hold.

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Shenzhen Interui Electronics Co., Ltd. integrates product structure design, permanent magnet DC brushless motor and drive system research and development, production and sales, and all underlying software algorithms and hardware designs are developed by the company and all finished product appearance patents are owned by the company.