AXONE – Mars Ergonomic EDC Backpack

This is our third Kickstarter campaign. Our aim and mission are to create a lightweight, healthy, and comfortable backpack for you through this campaign. Mars is comfortable enough to be your day-to-day companion, with some incredible new and improved features, that come with the health benefits of improved posture and reduced back and shoulder strain.

Well, it’s time to give your body a break because it deserves better!

Mars Ergonoimic EDC Backpack

Elevate your daily carry with this versatile and trendy companion­.


Experience unmatched comfort with its customized Dynamic Shifting System. Your ultimate companion for your daily journey.


Crafted with high-density material for unparalleled lightness and strength. Ultra-padded support helps maintain your posture throughout the day.


Our commitment is to go above and beyond. Each material has been carefully chosen for its specific function and performance, to deliver on our promise of ultimate comfort, durability, and reliability. We trust CORDURA fabric to provide unmatched protection against tears, scuffs, and abrasions. By incorporating Teflon fabric protector, we enhance the fabrics’ ability to repel water, oil, and stains. YKK water-resistant zippers will keep your laptop and accessories safe, along with the supreme-quality Duraflex buckle. IT’S BUILT TO LAST.


Have an effortless journey everyday


Say goodbye to having your belongings in a cluttered backpack. Mars is well-designed with one front pocket, two side pockets, one hidden pocket at the back, and plenty of pockets for keeping your essentials organized in main and working compartments.  We understand that details make perfection, which is why we choose Neoprene material for some pockets to enhance protection.




Axone Shoes Bag is perfect for travel, gym, golf, and many more activities. Crafted for runners, sports lovers, and travelers, it can protect your shoes and sneakers from dirt and dust. Made with premium materials, it is water-resistant and has YKK two-tone zippers that are expandable to meet your needs. Our shoes bag is meticulously designed, going beyond the traditional ones, making it uniquely perfect and extremely durable.


Axone’s Compress Packing Cubes set – featuring high-quality components and construction, such as YKK® zippers – comes in three sizes: large, medium, and small, suitable for various occasions. These cubes are incredibly useful for travel, exercise, and more. The transparent mesh makes packing and unpacking easier, while the compression feature reduces the volume by up to 50%, allowing for efficient packing.




We are Axone.

We are a group of backpack enthusiasts with different fields of expertise from the UK, Japan and Hong Kong, that specialises in backpacks & luggage.

Our aim & mission are to design a well-built, functional and slick looking range of products. We have spent countless hours developing the best possible features for our products to ensure that you make an “excellent move” everyday!

Our 3rd Campaign

First of all, we wanted to say a big thank you to all of our backers from the first & second campaigns, we couldn’t do it without your belief and support!

With our new Kickstarter campaign the mission is to make sure you have an “excellent move” everyday, we have listened to a lot of feedback from your reviews and implemented improvements to our latest project – The Mars. Why? Because Axone cares about every move of your day.

This time, we wanted to put a focus on the ergonomic aspects, we want to make a backpack that is comfortable enough to be your day to day companion, with some incredible new  and improved features.

In the long term carrying a heavy loaded backpack can cause your body pain, because of the forward head posture when trying to counteract the backwards pull. It could affect your shoulders, spine, neck, waist and your knees.

Well, it’s time to give your body a break, because it deserves better!

Axone Mars – start your effortless journey today