Bowio 2.0 │ Light Up Your Reading Delight

Say Hello to the new Bowio 2.0! Not just any light, but the right light, and now remastered for your reading delight. As passionate readers, we’ve redesigned the Bowio Book Light to enhance your reading journey. With a distinct and stylish design, Bowio stands apart from anything you’ve encountered before.

Bowio’s unique design ensures even and optimal lighting across every page. Bowio delivers a reading experience that beautifully balances contrast and minimizes glare. Plus, with touch controlled brightness, you’re assured an uninterrupted, tailored reading session.

Our crowdfunding approach lies a steadfast commitment to our backers. With a proven success in guaranteeing deliveries; we’ve delivered before and will do again.

We prioritize our backers, ensuring that our dedicated support is always accessible and responsive; every message, every comment, is crucial to us.

When it comes to logistics, we don’t compromise. With premium tracked shipping, we ensure swift and secure deliveries, collaborating only with top-tier shipping partners.

Our rigorous product development process ensures that only the finest products reach you. If it doesn’t meet our high standards, it simply won’t ship. For us, quality and commitment are promises.

Bowio’s singular design casts the perfect glow across every page. It is a companion where you control the perfect amount of uniform illumination, lets you immerse into the pages of your favorite book, free from shadows or glare. The new Bowio will never disturb your sleep or the peace of others around you.

Bowio 2.0 unveils a richer color palette, an intuitive color-matching dial, and the exquisite touch of premium leathers, all wrapped in a sleeker, lighter form. Plus, it’s powered by entirely upgraded electronics.

Readers know Bowio BookLight’s magic—a perfect glow for every story. Now, that magic extends to gaming with Bowio GameLight. Specifically designed for Game Masters, it fits seamlessly with both carton and wooden screens. It’s not just illumination—it’s an ambiance setter, marking a new era for tabletop gaming. With Bowio, every tale, whether read or played, shines brilliantly.

Experience the dual functionality of Bowio Game Light, designed to enhance your gaming sessions with board or tabletop lighting while also serving as a focused light source for your player’s manuals and DM books. Whether you’re deep in a dungeon crawl or cozying up with a good source book, Bowio Game Light adapts to your environment, providing the perfect level of illumination exactly where you need it.

Bowio Game Light immerses you and your players deeper into your fantasy RPG world while simultaneously enhancing visibility without disrupting the ambient dimness crucial for immersive gameplay. It casts a gentle glow over your cards, dice, miniatures, and notes, keeping focus sharp and reducing fatigue during hours-long gaming sessions.

The new Bowio remains the unparalleled choice for your reading setup or an unforgettable surprise for a fellow book lover as a thoughtful gift. Celebrating both elegance and commitment to the environment, Bowio’s packaging emerges as a blend of style and responsibility. Every box is meticulously crafted from a premium 380gsm FSC-certified Kraft board. With every fold and crease, we use only 100% recycled materials, ensuring that as we light up your reading moments, we also tread lightly on the Earth.

We understand the frustrations with traditional book lights – dodging shadows, wobbly necks, shifting plates and unwieldy clips that dictate your posture rather than support it. The new Bowio BookLight transcends these limitations.
Introducing LEDs with a high Color Rendering Index which means a vibrant, natural light, mimicking daylight conditions with stunning accuracy. Each page and text under this light will be as crisp and clear as in natural daylight.
Perfect for you, a friend, or a loved one.

Picture this team, the architects behind the celebrated Bowio, now crafting Bowio 2.0: We’re not just any team; we’re the minds that brought the original Bowio to countless readers, enhancing their reading moments. Driven by passion, we design and develop products that make reading healthier, cozier, and laser-focused. Our hands-on approach, overseeing design to production, ensures top-tier products while supporting local artisans. Our proven track record in design, engineering, and quality control speaks for itself. With the success of our first Bowio as testament, know that we’re all in, heart and soul, to bring Bowio 2.0 to life.