Gather: Your Desk Simplified

Meet the New Gather Collection

The new Gather Collection simplifies your desk by providing a home for all of your essential items. The magnetic system allows for complete flexibility so you can create your perfect setup. Gather is crafted from premium materials in Pennsylvania, USA.

Organizer Set Walkthrough

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the Gather Organizer Set and how it can be customized and upgraded. Start with either the “Organizer Set” tier or “Build Your Own Set” tier to create the set that fits your workflow.

MagSafe Phone Stand Walkthrough

The MagSafe Phone Stand is a convenient way to keep your phone charged and always within view.  It can be used by itself or connected to the Base Plate or Monitor Stand.

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A place for everything and everything in its place.

Gather is designed to make your life easier. When all of your essential items have a dedicated spot, you don’t have to waste time searching for them.

One size doesn’t fit all.

We all have different preferences on how we like to set things up (shoutout to all my fellow lefties out there). Gather allows you to tailor your setup to exactly how you like to work.  As your needs change, Gather changes with you.

🧲 Magnet Magic

Everything is held in place by super strong magnets. This keeps things nice and neat, but also makes it easy to switch things up.

Now when your coworker (or dog) accidentally bumps your desk, everything stays put.

Minimalist Aesthetic

Gather’s minimalist aesthetic makes it easy to customize any workspace. Whether your working from home or heading into the office, it’s nice to have a space that feels unique to you.


Real work is messy.

When you’re deep into a project things get messy. But that’s how real work gets done. The Gather Collection gives you an easy way to reset your desk and your mind.

More space to work. More space to think.

The monitor stand creates more space on your desk and brings your screen to a better ergonomic height. Your neck and your back will thank you.

The monitor tray gives you a place to store your laptop and other papers or notebooks. No need to clutter up your desk.

The Laptop Stand nests alongside the Monitor Stand and gives you a place for your second screen.

Laptop Stand with Large Monitor Stand

🇺🇸 Made in Pennsylvania, USA

In a time where most things feel disposable, we’re taking the opposite approach. 

We’re working with craftsmen and women here in Pennsylvania to bring Gather to life.

These men and women are true masters at their craft and know what it means to build things for the long haul. We’re excited to create an heirloom-quality product.

We’re working with local craftsmen, all within a 60 mile radius of us here in Pennsylvania

Premium Materials

We’re using premium materials that are both beautiful and durable. The natural wool felt adds warmth and softness.

The solid wood brings in unique character. No two pieces are the same.

The powder-coating creates a beautiful matte finish that looks and feels great.


1000 hours of design, prototyping, and testing

We’ve spent over 1000 hours prototyping and testing the new Gather. Some people might think we’re crazy, but we know good design is in the details.

Here at Ugmonk, we’ve been designing and shipping products for over 14 years, so we know what it takes to bring a quality product to market.

We thought through every little detail, so you don’t have to. I’ve been using the prototypes on my desk for the past year and they’ve become an essential part of my setup. I’m excited to share Gather with you!

The Ugmonk HQ in Downingtown, PA

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A full walkthrough of the Gather Collection


The Gather Organizer Set includes the Phone Holder, Zigzag Tray, Square Tray, and Base Plate. Its slim footprint allows it to sit directly in front of your keyboard and keeps your essentials always within reach. The super strong magnets on each piece allow you to configure it to exactly the way you like.

Organizer Set pictured with Solid Lid add-on

Phone Stand

The Phone Stand keeps your phone propped up at the perfect viewing angle. It holds almost all phones or small tablets with or without a case.

Zigzag Tray

The Zigzag Tray gives you space to keep your favorite pens or pencils. The floating design not only looks elegant, but also provides space to store business cards, Analog cards, or other small items.

Black Organizer Set with Solid Wood Lid add-on

Square Tray

The Square Tray is the home for all of your small odds and ends. Airpods, paper clips, camera cards, and so much more. Upgrade with the wood lid add-on and you can hide all of the clutter.

Upgrades + Add-ons

***Upgrades and Add-ons are available after you select a reward tier***

Swap out your Phone Stand with the MagSafe Stand for convenient charging. (Only compatible with Apple MagSafe Charger. MagSafe charger sold separately.)

Magsafe Stand (Upgrade)

Wood Zigzag (Upgrade)

Upgrade to the Wood Zigzag tray to bring in extra warmth.

The Wood Zigzag also looks great attached to the Monitor Stand.

Wood Lids (Add-on)

Add a Solid Wood Lid or Pencil Cup Lid to complete your setup.

Add a lid to your Pencil Cup to keep all of your pens and pencils neatly organized. The 6 small holes accomodate most pens and pencils, and the large rectangular hole is perfect for scissors, rulers, and larger desk tools.

Pencil Cup Lid (Maple)

Elevate your monitor to an ergonomic height and store your laptop or papers in the integrated tray. Holds up to 35lbs.

Both the Small and the Large Monitor Stands hold up to 35lbs

Small Monitor Stand

The Small Monitor Stand is perfect for a more compact setup.

Large Monitor Stand

The Large Monitor Stand gives you extra space for additional modules to keep your desk organized and clean.

Laptop Stand

The Laptop Stand holds laptops anywhere from 12” to 16”. The metal base provides stability with rubber feet keeps your laptop securely in place.

A thin layer of felt along the front and back edges keeps your laptop from getting scratched.

The laptop stand is designed to be nested with the monitor stand.

Headphone Stand

A home for your headphones that magnetically connects to the Base Plate or Monitor Stand.


A Collaboration with Orchestra

Orchestra is an industrial design studio run by Jack Marple in Salt Lake City. We teamed up with Jack to help us reimagine Gather from the ground up to take the design to the next level. His expertise in product design and development played a key role making the New Gather Collection a reality. Truly wouldn’t have been possible without all of his work behind the scenes. For more of his work check out: orchestra.studio


A Very Special Thanks to:

  •  Jon Rothermel – For you amazing work directing and producing our Kickstarter video and helping us capture the story of Gather.
  •  Dennis Cortes – For composing the custom song for our video that creates the perfect vibe.
  •  Jack Marple – For the incredible industrial design work to reimagine Gather from the ground up and work through every tiny detail with us over these past 2 years.
  •  The Ugmonk Team – For the 1000+ hours working together on this roller coaster of a journey. Special shoutout to Clari Fisher and Tim Fortney for making this all possible!



You might recognize us from our past Kickstarter campaigns. In 2020 we launched Analog and it raised $451,577 from 5039 backers. It’s gone on to be our best-selling Ugmonk product of all time!

Analog is available for purchase here: Ugmonk.com/analog

Analog also works perfectly with the new Gather 🙂

My desk is internet famous

For the past decade, I’ve been on the quest to create the perfect workspace.

I posted photos of my desk a few years ago and it’s kinda taken on a life of its own. It’s now been viewed over a BILLION times and I’ve become known as “the desk guy.”

But I’m not the most organized person and my desk isn’t always as clean as it is in the photos. That’s why I designed Gather. I needed an easy way to reset my desk.