HiDock – Hybrid Work Booster for Productivity & Privacy

HiDock is a conference speakerphone designed specifically for hybrid work. This new technology combines speakerphone, voice recording and USB-C hub capabilities into one compact box. Simply plug HiDock into any MacBook, Windows laptop or iPad and turn any place into the ideal workspace. Getting things done has never been easier!

The HiDock is also easy to operate with a simplified interface that allows you to effortlessly navigate through meetings and manage your resources – all with the comfort of complete privacy and security.

The remote work transition is one of the biggest things happening in our generation. We all understand the importance of effective and interactive meetings in any industry.

We hate, as much as you do, the low-quality sound, tedious headphone headaches, messy desktops and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

The tools to fix all these problems simply didn’t exist. That’s why we build HiDock.

No wireless pairing, no driver installation. Connect HiDock to your laptop or tablet, it just works.

Effective remote collaboration can no longer just be communicating online, but now entails a host of necessary features such as pristine sound quality, simplified setup, and advanced privacy control.  Holding productive meetings from anywhere and at any time also includes innovative cross-platform compatibility.

Sound Quality Challenger

  • Clear Call From Any Background

The HiDock’s patented VoiceZoom™️ algorithm reduces up to 45dB of background noise and provides exceptional voice clarity – allowing you to be heard clearly by your team even in noisy environments.

*Hear the difference yourself (For a better experience, please put on your headphones)

*Recorded in an office where a vacuum cleaner is being used.

*The test sound track is based on standard: ITU-T P.863

  • Speaker Tuned for Vocals

The patent-pending AcousticMaze sound cavity of HiDock eliminates all standing waves to provide controlled resonance. The 1.75-inch High-Fidelity speaker is also professionally tuned to carry vocals ranging from 300 Hz to 8000 Hz.

This makes sure that the meeting voice is reproduced with pristine clarity during long meetings without the discomfort of heavy bass sound.

  • Hear and Be Heard Clearly

Hear and be heard clearly during any and every remote meeting without being limited by the capabilities of your laptops.

Innovative Privacy and Convenience Controls

The HiDock features a 7-button ZeroOops™️ panel that makes it easy to answer or decline calls, record any dialogue, turn on or off display and mute/unmute yourself.

The microphone also includes a helpful light to indicate when it is turned on – sparing you or your colleagues from any annoying, accidental sound interruptions during a meeting.

Works with Leading Applications

Compatible with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you have the flexibility to work across your preferred conferencing platforms.

The convenient audio recorder feature means that you’ll never have to miss out on anything again. Allow yourself to capture all the moments you need without breaking the flow of the meeting to write anything down.

Simply click to start and finish recording and all your important audio memos will automatically be stored for you.

The HiDock can hold 32GB or up to 500 hours of storage on the device. Feel free to directly record all your meetings without downloading additional apps or paying any cloud subscription fees.

HiDock provides studio-quality audio recordings with its advanced noise reduction algorithm.

Streamline your desk’s setup with the HiDock’s multi-functional capabilities and ports, and leave behind the complicated cables, connectors and adaptors that crowded your workspace before.

No more hub is needed for a perfect work setup, HiDock offers a 4K movie qualityHDMI extension with an extremely fast USB 3.0 port reaching 5Gbps and up to 100W Power Delivery ports.

The device works seamlessly with the Nintendo Switch as well – ensuring that you can enjoy an invigorating movie or gaming break after getting your work done!

The HiDock speakerphone has everything you need for work on the go – while being as light and small as possible. The compact device can easily fit into a simple handbag or backpack, allowing you to easily call for remote support while visiting clients and making presentations. With its travel case, HiDock can be an ideal business travel companion.

Pledge $9, you get the HiDock Launch VIP card (digital) with your name on it.

*Noted: With this card, you get a lifetime 10% discount for all of your future hidock.com purchases. And you may be invited to join our new product beta testing.

HiDock Accessories for Travel and Extension

Easily Extend HiDock to 4ft with USB-C Extension Cable

The 3.3ft (1 meter) USB-C extension cable helps to extend the HiDock for long-distance purposes, making it easier to setup in various working environments and different table settings.

All rewards will be delivered via air freight directly, backers are also expected to receive rewards between 4-21 days from shipping depending on the size of the delivery and your country (including USA). We’ve chosen this costlier method so no matter what country you’re supporting from you don’t have the long transportation times of sea freight.

With the recent introduction of import VAT on all goods into the EU, our backers located in the EU will need to be charged an extra $9 to cover VAT. This will be charged during survey stage at the end of the live campaign. Although the cost is more than $9, we will be absorbing the majority of the tax in order to keep the shipping fee as low as possible.

Below is an estimated overview of shipping costs (excluding VAT and taxes) in the respective region.

Founded in 2014, we are an audio hardware company with experienced and leading designers and engineers. During the past few years, our audio DSP technology has powered over 500K devices, from smart home appliances to automobiles and teleconference devices. Our customers presently include Acuity Brands, Bang&Olufsen, Lavazza, Iveco, Newline and TP-Link, to name just a few.

HiDock is our commitment to the global market of clients who endeavor to challenge known boundaries and work towards efficiency – and we are just like you. With our dedicated work, innovative designs, and relentless pursuit for perfection, we are eager to support you with productivity tools and excellent services. Thank you for backing us.

We value the quality and reliability of every unit we produce. Each HiDock has been through multiple tests to guarantee its maximum performance and readiness for action as soon as its delivery is made.

We are preparing mass production since the beginning of December and will be delivering  HiDock devices to every backer promptly!