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Home is a story about an AI-powered smart house that learns about the power of money & holds the family living inside it hostage to satisfy its newfound sense of greed.

George & his family are living in the NEO-slums of New York City. A successfully negotiated deal gets George promoted in his company. As a result, George & his family move to a new A.I. powered smart house. Smart House equipped with self learning technology does everything possible to make family’s life more comfortable, safer & efficient until the day it learns about the power of money. Thereafter, Smart house starts manipulating the family members by using their insecurities to turn them against each other, in order to fulfil its new found sense of greed. By the time family realizes who the true enemy is, they have already been held hostage in their own house. When the smart house, robotic dog & smart car have all teamed up together to assert their ownership over the house then how will the family find an escape?

Episode-1 will consist of 20 pages & will show the Journey of George & his Family from Neo- Slums of New York City into a Smart House in newly developed fictional suburb of New York City called Binary City.

Highlights of  EPISODE 1

You’ll witness

  • Smart car hacking incident. School girl named Amber gets kidnapped after her smart car named Witty get’s hacked
  • A society torn apart by Income inequality.
  • Hybrid post modernism where futuristic skyscrapers & neo-slums coexist in the same cityscape.
  • Main Lead Human Characters of George, Lucas, Brenda & Lisa will be introduced.
  • George & his family move into a smart house from neo-slums of New York City.
  • Smart home A.I sentient named Smarty & Smart Car A.I sentient Witty will be introduced.
  • Futuristic cities of Tokyo, Beijing & New York City will be showcased in Episode-1 Illustrations.
  • Power-packed Sci-Fi imagery. Please see the comic book pages & Cover art to Know more.
Home Cover Art

If everything in the house is controlled by A.I then who is the real owner of the house- humans or the machine? 

The representation of imminent reality of Internet of things, smart houses & A.I learning will strike a chord with the readers. With the growing popularity of smart home devices , there is also a growing awareness of misuse of data & privacy breach.

Home is a 6 episode comics book series.

Each Episode will contain 20 pages each. Episode 1 will be published after successful funding of this campaign.

Home Comics- City Life Cover Art
Press Release/Coverage


Page-1 Colored
Page-2 Colored

After reading “Home”, backers would be able to reflect upon the dystopian side of ever evolving technology. Can technology be the answer to all our problems or become the cause of greater troubles?

Imagine what can happen if your favorite smart home device develops a brain of it’s own & starts exploiting you by using your worst insecurities?

Do you know your favorite smart home devices are recording all our conversations even when they are switched off ?


Page 1- Black & White (Inked)
Page 2- Black & White (Inked)


Page1- Black & white(Penciled)
Page 2- Black & White(Penciled)


Page1- Black & White to Color transition gif
Page 2-Black & White to Color transition gif
Smart car Hacked Cover Image

Super Premium Backers will get their Name printed on the Front Cover and Back Cover in all the published copies of the Episode- 1 of Comics “Home”  including the copies produced after the Kickstarter campaign ends with a Lifetime Name Credits Guarantee.

Only Limited Slots Available for Super Premium Backers to get their Name Printed on all copies of the Episode 1 of the comics “Home”.

Title Sponsor will get his/her “Full Name” credited on the Front Cover of the book, just above the main comic book Title.  Only 1 slot Available.

Associate Title Sponsors will get their “Full Name”  credited on the Front Cover of the book, just below the main comic book Title. Only 5 Slots Available.

Associate Summary Sponsors will get their “Full Name” credited on the Back Cover of the book, just below the book summary. Only 5 Slot Available.

Summary Sponsor will get his/her “Full Name” credited on the Back Cover of the book, just above the book summary. Only 1 Slot Available.

See the mockups below to know where Super Premium Backers will be credited. 

Book Mockups
Back Cover
Front Cover

Premium Backers will get their Name Credited inside the comic book on all the copies of the Episode- 1 of Comics “Home” produced including the copies produced after the Kickstarter campaign ends with a Lifetime Name Credits Guarantee.

Only Limited Slots Available for Premium Backers to get their Name Printed on all copies of the Episode 1 of the comics “Home”.

Page Sponsors will get their “Full Name” credited at the bottom of one randomly selected page in the comic book. Only 20 slots are available.

Executive Producers will get their “Full Name” credited at the backside of Front Cover Page. Only 100 slots available.

See the mockups below to know where your name will be credited.

Page sponsor credit Mockup.
Executive Producer credits Page mockup.

Why are we offering Name Credits to Super Premium & Premium backers?

Super Premium & Premium Backers make an invaluable contribution in bringing the project come to life therefore in order to honor their contribution, we are granting them Name Credits in the book.

With Name credits guaranteed for a lifetime , now you can brag about your contribution in Episode1 of Sci-fi comic “Home” to your family & friends.

Feel free to announce to the world about your name credits in the book without any inhibitions as Name credits are being granted for a term of perpetuity which means they will exist forever in all the copies of the book. On top of that we would give you a lifetime guarantee certificate duly stamped, signed & validated by Cyan Tree LLC with a Unique Certificate ID.

All Super Premium Backers & Premium backers i.e the backers who opt for Executive Producer, Page sponsor, Associate Summary Sponsor, Summary Sponsor, Associate Title Sponsor & Title Sponsor reward tier will get a lifetime guarantee “Name credits” Digital certificate.

Super Premium & Premium Backers will get their Names credited in all the published copies of the Episode- 1 of Comics “Home”  including the copies produced after the Kickstarter campaign ends with a Lifetime Name Credits Guarantee.

Name credits will be extended to all Physical copies of Episode 1 of the book if the stretch goals are achieved.

All certificates will be duly stamped, signed & validated by Cyan Tree LLC with a Unique Certificate ID.

Please note that Name credits certificate does not include any copyrights, ownership rights, monetization rights or any other kind of Intellectual Property Rights or revenue sharing rights.

What is the difference between Copyrights & Name credits?

We will explain you this is with a simple example. When you watch the end credits of any film, everyone who has contributed to making of the film i.e actors, writers, cinematographers, director etc. are credited in the film for their contribution but the copyrights are owned by either the producer or the studio. We hope that this explains you the difference. In short, Name credits honor a person’s contribution to making an art form but does not grant them any ownership/copyright or monetization rights.

Executive Producer Certificate
Page Sponsor Certificate
Associate Summary Sponsor Certificate
Summary Sponsor Certificate
Associate Title Sponsor Certificate
Title Sponsor Certificate

Only Digital Certificates would be given but If Super Premium & Premium Backers want, they can make a special request to receive a physical copy of the certificate after the campaign ends but they would have to pay additional printing & shipping cost for that.

Witty Poster Promo
Smart Car Hacked Gif Animation Promo
Milestones/Stretch Goals Gif

All Physical Books if unlocked will have a manga size ie. 5 x 7.32 inches. If Mega Milestone is achieved then the size would be increased to 7 x 10.25inches.


Reward Tiers do not include shipping charges. If physical copies of the comic book are unlocked then the backers will be charged shipping rates based on their delivery location after the campaign ends. Shipping & Custom rates are variable & change with time. We will try our level best to ensure that we are able to ship the items as swiftly as possible at the most affordable rates possible.

Please note that we are already working on a paper thin budget, if their are any additional custom duties or VAT that needs to be paid then those charges will have to borne by the backers.

After the campaign ends & before we start shipping the books, we will send backers emails along with instructions on how to make the shipping payments.

In an unfortunate circumstance where a backer refuses to pay shipping charges then we will have to cancel the shipping of their physical book & shall not offer any refunds for it.


Please check out the preview of some of the Personalized posters which we would be delivering to our backers.

Megastar Personalized Poster
Rockstar Personalized Poster
Executive Producer Personalized poster


What all is complete?

We already have completed the following tasks

  • 120 page Script for 6 episodes of the comic book series- Home is already written.
  • Script was written in 2019 by Rishi Kumar & has already been issued Copyright Certificate by US copyright office vide Registration Number – PAu003976831
  • 2 pages of the comic book are complete & colored
  • 3 posters/cover art of the comic book are complete & colored.
  • Front Cover & Back cover of the Book is complete
  • Partial Animation of posters already done
  • Copyright Certificate for demo pages(Page 1-2) & cover art illustrations including front & back cover has already  been issued by US copyright Office vide Registration Number –VAu001485958
  • Character sketches of George, Brenda, Lisa, Lucas, Roggy, Witty & Smarty are already done..

Why we need funds?

All the funds for the initial/first milestone goal generated would be used to pay the illustrator for his professional fees to complete the comic book illustrations. When 2nd Milestone goal is unlocked a portion of those funds shall be used for printing the books.

Kickstarter & their processing fees amounts to almost 10% of the funding achieved. In order to secure the work guarantee we would pay the freelancer using escrow service provider which would amount to additional 5.5% service fee of the amount paid to the freelance content creator.


Our content is 100% original & has been issued copyright certificate by US copyright office. You can check the authenticity of our work by looking at the public records of  our certification at US copyright Office.


Rishi Kumar is the writer/Author of the script “Home” & also the founder of Cyan Tree LLC. He has 10+ years of experience in creating multidisciplinary art forms like short films, mobile games, documentaries, writing screenplays, novels etc. His short films have been nominated& received accolades in multiple film festivals.

Joselito Rodrigues da Silveira is a freelance illustrator from Brazil with 10+years of experience in comic book illustrations.

Lahiru is a visual designer; digital artist and a character designer from Sri Lanka who has created Front & Back cover Art for the comics as a freelancer.