MECH ONE: Mecha Styled Travel Portable Mini Magnetic Razor

 Mini Mecha Magnetic Razor-MECH ONE

We proudly present to you our groundbreaking creation, the Mini Mecha Magnetic Razor  MECH ONE. This extraordinary grooming marvel is about to redefine your daily shaving routine, igniting a whirlwind of precision, comfort, and style. Brace yourself for a shaving experience that's out of this world!


Small and cool,Easy to carry for business/travel

At first glance, you'll be captivated by its mesmerizing design. Inspired by the future of technology, MECH  ONE  boasts a striking mecha shape that's sleek, compact, and undeniably cool.

2-in-1, combining mirror and razor

But that's not all! We've taken convenience to the next level with our integrated protective cover. Imagine having a built-in mirror right at your fingertips, allowing you to shave on the go with unparalleled ease. No more hunting for mirrors or struggling with awkward angles. MECH ONE is here to transform your grooming routine into a seamless and efficient experience.


Powerful battery life, one hour of charging, four months of battery life

But don't let its size fool you; this mini dynamo is powered by dual polymer batteries, providing double the lifespan for endless shaving adventures. Bid farewell to constant recharging and hello to convenience that lasts twice as long! With the MECH ONE, you'll always be ready to conquer the day, one precise shave at a time.


Double ring curved surface magnetic suction cutter head.

Say goodbye to pesky skin irritation and hello to ultimate comfort with our 12,000 rpm movement. Our curved blade mesh is expertly forged from the finest steel and utilizes self-sharpening tip technology, which uses blade vibration, blade and mesh synergy, and the proper cutting angle to cut away your beard without causing skin irritation. It glides easily over your skin and reduces any discomfort caused by blade contact.

Amazingly during the shaving process, the blade simultaneously gets sharper and sharper. What if the blade is damaged in any way during use, the Mech-one's magnetic principle allows for easy replacement of the blade, making the life of the MECH ONE much longer.

Cleaning has never been this easy!

Thanks to the ingenious magnetic head, our MECH ONE  can be effortlessly disassembled and cleaned with a swift motion. No more tedious and time-consuming razor maintenance. ensuring a hygienic and long-lasting performance.

Full body  IP7  waterproof, no fear of rinsing

Worried about water damage? Fear not! Our MECH ONE is fully waterproof, From a refreshing shave in the shower to a quick touch-up on a spontaneous adventure, our razor is ready to accompany you on your wildest journeys. And when it's time to give it a thorough clean, simply wash the whole body, worry-free.


Intelligent display, peace of mind

And speaking of convenience, we've added an LED power display to keep you informed at a glance. Never again will you be caught off guard by a suddenly drained battery. With a quick glance at the LED power display, you'll always know exactly how much power is left in your razor, ensuring you never miss a beat.

MECH ONE is also equipped with a travel lock function to protect your business travelers from accidental activation by mistake, which may result in power loss/functional damage. The travel lock can be turned on/off with a 3-second long press, giving you peace of mind when traveling.

The MECH ONE is currently available in three colors. You will choose your preferred color in the survey at the end of the program!

We are an electronics design and manufacturing company from Asia, and our creators had been looking for a shaver that was portable enough to use and aesthetically pleasing enough to use. But after comparing the existing razors on the market, there was always something not perfect about them.

Why not produce one yourself? We could play to our strengths and be confident that we could make it the best it could be. So began our two-year journey of discovery.



The future of shaving is here, and it's in the palm of your hand. Join us on this revolutionary journey by supporting our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Be part of the shaving evolution, and together, let's redefine the way we groom ourselves. Back our project today, and claim your very own MECH ONE - the epitome of style, convenience, and innovation. Your face deserves nothing less than the best.


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After continuous optimization and adjustment, the final prototype maintains a more fashionable and elegant appearance.