Mirrosky: Smart Telescope, Planetary & Nebula Photography

Supernova 127AZ, the advanced version of the latitude and longitude ritual astronomical telescope is a modular component that is easy and quick to install. The whole telescope consists of four modules, including a high-quality 127MM Maksutov-Cassegrain high-definition coated optical lens, an additional 50MM high-definition optical finder set, a fully computerized theodolite bracket, a Sturdy and reliable stainless steel tripod and a 500M pixel HD smart camera module.

The benefits of MIRROSKY:

It broadens the use of longitude and latitude ceremony astronomical telescope, satisfies the desire of beginners to explore deep space, and makes the device more cost-effective. It can be used as a professional astronomical telescope or as an educational tool for children. The Mirrosky allows you to see the stars and planets with your own eyes.


Stretch Goal

Mirrosky is a smart telescope that automatically calculates the coordinates of celestial bodies, making it easier to capture the best photos. The device also has built-in acceleration sensor and electronic compass sensor, plus a photoelectric sensor for the automatic initialization of coordinates.

The Smartalign program run by the smart camera module automatically takes pictures of the starry sky to complete the star recognition and realize star alignment, making the pointing accuracy of the entire set of telescopes more accurate, and positioning any star quickly and accurately.

With the help of smartalign technology, you can easily find and track any celestial body!

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The Mirrosky integrates Go-to technology and automatically tracks your object. This means that instead of having to manually adjust the telescope and align it with what you want to photograph, all you need to do is point it at the object and let it do its thing.

Pictures of Saturn taken with the Maksutov-Cassegrain lens

MIRROSKY is equipped with an advanced 5-megapixel 1/2.8-inch star image sensor. It can also shoot bright nebulae such as M42, M8, M20, etc. The images will be brighter than ever before!

Mirrosky has a live stacking function, which means you can take multiple photos and combine them into one image during the process of taking a single shot. This allows you to capture both fine details and wider shots without having to do anything at all in post-processing.

Mirrosky features a 50MM aperture 200 focal length lens and a 127MM aperture 1900 focal length  Maksutov-Cassegrain high-definition lens, giving photographers the ability to shoot most of the bright nebulae and all planets.

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There are more than 100,000 celestial objects in the MIRROSKY APP. No constellation knowledge are required to get started.Just Choose an object on the app and start observing! With automatic stargaze and a user-friendly design, Mirrosky lets you observe the universe with the greatest of ease.

 The APP will be released at the end of November on ISO and GOOGLE . WINDOWS & Mac application to be released at the end of January 2023.

Connect your smartphone/tablet and Mirrosky via WiFi/5G, then you can easily control device through Mirrosky App and take pictures/videos. Mirrosky App applies Android and iOS.

The mirrosky smart telescope is built to be used outdoors, and it supports three different types of power supply: 8 AA batteries, 12V portable charger and 12V adapter car charging. This means you can use the telescope for a long time without fear of running out of power.

The modular design of 127AZ provides everyone with the most effortless installation. Few minutes is all it takes, even you are new to the telescope.

MIRROSKY lets you share the celestial objects you see in real time, so that everyone who wants to can enjoy them together.

Demo Video

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The case is designed to hold the telescope in case the equipment is damaged or scratched. There is no additional shipping charge for the case, even if this fee does not even cover the cost.

Shipping will be calculated and paid after the end of the campaign or before we ship out the final products to you. During these uncertain times, shipping costs have surged significantly. However, we do believe that the prices will go down as the situation gets better globally.

Therefore, we don’t think charging shipping upon pledging is in the interest of our supporters. The prices may be higher today. Or in a few months, it might become higher than what we could afford. Either way, we will try to subsidize as much as possible.

  • AZ Mount*1
  • Eyepiece*3
  • Finder Scope*1
  • Optical Tube*1
  • Sensor Module*1
  • Tripod*1
  • Data Cable*1