Ozlo Sleepbuds®: The next-gen, streaming, sensing Sleepbuds®

Suffering from trash sleep?

Does your racing mind prevent you from falling asleep? Do annoying city sounds, your partner's snoring, or other sleep disturbances keep you from sleeping soundly?

Then like 1 in 3 Americans, you're suffering from trash sleep, and Ozlo Sleep is here to help. Calm your racing mind and put your brain to bed with Ozlo Sleepbuds®.

Introducing the Ozlo Sleepbuds®

A science-driven, one-stop-shop for the best sleep of your life. Unlike other headphones and earbuds, our tiny Sleepbuds® are engineered to be super comfy for side sleepers while blocking out sleep-disrupting sounds and replacing the noise with literally anything you’d like to stream. Oh, and there’s a whole lot more packed into Ozlo Sleepbuds® to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

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We’ve all tried falling asleep with headphones. It sucks… But not so with Ozlo Sleepbuds®!

Ozlo Sleepbuds® don’t feel like other earbuds. Sleepbuds® stay in place even when you toss and turn. The tiny earbuds, with their comfortable silicone tips and anchor-in-place wings, are designed for all-night comfort, no matter your sleeping position. Sleep on your back, side, or whatever works for you, and Ozlo Sleepbuds® will remain in place and you'll barely notice they're there all night long!

Ozlo Sleepbuds Are Engineered For All-Night Comfort

Comfort is key and attention to detail is our middle name. Ozlo Sleepbuds® don't stick out causing undue pressure on your ear like other earbuds. Our silicone tips are soft yet durable, and engineered to stay secure in your ear all night long. The umbrella-shaped ear tip gently seals off your ear canal, while the pliable wing fits snugly in the ridge of your ear. Think, a hug for your inner ear.

Sleepbuds Specially Designed Comfort Tips

A partner snoring  right next to you. Or the beat dropping from the party upstairs. Unpredictable spikes or changes in sound are one of the biggest disruptors of good sleep.

Ozlo's noise-masking technology combines passive noise-blocking ear tips with optimized noise-masking sounds to block, cover up and replace disruptive sounds that may otherwise wake you with pleasant sounds to keep you asleep.

Ozlo Sleepbuds® in-ear umbrella tip design features passive noise blocking as a first defense against annoying nightly sounds.

Sensors in the Ozlo Sleepbuds® can tell when you fall asleep. From there, we'll help mask the external noises that may wake you.  We've got a variety of science-backed, masking-sounds, designed for all-night relaxation. Pair that with the noise-blocking design of our Ozlo Sleepbuds® and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an undisturbed, sound sleep.

Wanna sleep stress-free? If you're like us (and most people we know), part of what makes it hard to fall asleep at night is an overactive mind. Rehashing scenes from the day, worrying about the latest news stories,  or stressing about how you forgot to call your mother-in-law to wish her happy birthday.

That's why Ozlo Sleepbuds® allow you to stream whatever content puts your mind in its happy place.

Can I really listen to anything?

Yes, anything! Podcasts, audiobooks, music, meditations, ASMR, audio of children reciting the pledge of allegiance on repeat, etc.

If it's streamable, you can stream it Ozlo style to help you fall asleep, and do it comfortably.

In-ear alarms that wake you, not your partner.

Ozlo Sleepbuds® have a built-in personal alarm that gently wakes you from your sound sleep without jarring you or your partner.

Your slumbering partner will thank you. Trust us.

All-Night Battery

Not only that, the case can provide up to 4 full charges for the Sleepbuds®, so you can take it with you anywhere you go, even when you don’t have access to power (camping, anyone?!).

We're passionate about helping people sleep better.

Ozlo is on a mission to clinically enhance sleep without pharmaceutical intervention – and the associated side effects – to improve both wakefulness and the quality of mental and physical well-being. Ozlo is co-founded and led by three former Bose employees who are passionate about developing products to enable better sleep through audio.

Meet our founders and team, plus hear more of the story behind Ozlo Sleepbuds® in the video below.

If that wasn't enough punch packed into such a tiny, wireless, comfortable earbud designed specifically for sleep - we added even more to the Ozlo Sleepbuds®.

Secure biometric sleepy-time.

That's right! With biometric sensors built into the Sleepbuds®, Ozlo knows when you've fallen asleep.

Utilizing our beta sleep algorithms, Ozlo Sleepbuds® can automatically detect when you fall asleep. With that important info, we can pause and slowly fade out the audio you were streaming to help you fall asleep and then do one of three things:

  • Transition gently to one of our masking audio tracks and play it all night long
  • Transition gently to one of our masking audio tracks and play it for a pre-set amount of time, while enjoying Sleepbuds® passive noise blocking all night long
  • Transition gently to silence, while enjoying Sleepbuds® passive noise blocking all night long

And yes, your data is private. All the biometric sensor data is processed locally and you control who gets to see what.

More than just a pretty charging case

While we can't do anything about the uncomfortable memory foam mattress you might be sleeping on, we do know that noise, light, and temperature of the room you are sleeping in all can impact your sleep quality.

That's why the Ozlo Smart Charging Case includes environmental sensors. While your case charges on your nightstand, sensors detect the noise, light and temperature of your room. We use this information to provide you with a personalized report and feedback the next day in the Ozlo Sleep App.

Designed for privacy

We’re building a secure platform where customers can optionally provide some personal information that allows us to customize and optimize the Ozlo sleep analytics and interventions. Unlike other sleep products, the Ozlo platform is able to work locally from our Sleepbuds® to our smart charging case and the customer’s phone to process and analyze your sleep. So, limited personal information is sent to the cloud for processing.

It all comes together with the Ozlo Sleep™ app

A few of the moments along the way

Just a few of the moments along the way

Where we are at currently

Some of things our team is working on to finalize production readiness and get the Ozlo Sleepbuds® in your ears:

  • Optimize bluetooth performance increase range and reliability
  • Implement over-the-air firmware updates between the case, Sleepbuds and the Ozlo Sleep App
  • Get Certifications from UKCA, CE, FCC, UL
  • Optimize performance of data syncing between the case, Sleepbuds and the Ozlo Sleep App to run Beta Sleep Algorithm, and generate the Ozlo Morning Report
  • Finalize color matches in case, packaging etc



NB Patil CEO & Cofounder of Ozlo Sleep

N.B. Patil is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Ozlo, a science-driven sleep and audio technology company. In 2000, N.B. joined Bose as a firmware engineer, rising up the ranks over the next 20+ years at the company to ultimately lead the engineering team and business development for new consumer electronics concepts. Later, N.B. successfully led a cross-functional team of 65 professionals that transformed conceptual ideas company wide into millions of consumer devices and mobile apps. During his tenure, N.B. was responsible for bringing numerous first-to-market products to fruition including the first Bluetooth stereo headphones, Bose Connect App, the Bose Frames, with over 38 granted patents and more pending. N.B. is an active member in his community and brings his extensive leadership, entrepreneurial instincts, and passion for helping people achieve their fullest potential to drive Ozlo's success, ensuring the company’s vision and innovation remain at the forefront of this booming industry.

Charles Taylor CPO and Cofounder of Ozlo Sleep

Charlie Taylor is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Ozlo, a science-driven sleep and audio technology company. As the former Head of New Business Licensing at Bose, Charlie successfully led the development and launch of multiple software products, overseeing the entire journey from conceptualization to market-scale implementation. As well as being an expert in software development strategy, Charlie is an experienced entrepreneur having founded and funded software companies specializing in regulated utilities and financial services. Passionate about a good night's rest and dedicated to helping others achieve better sleep, Charlie is now leveraging his experience in business development, strategic planning, and running teams focused on product management to shape Ozlo's innovative product portfolio.

Brian Mulcahey COO & Cofounder of Ozlo Sleep

Brian Mulcahey is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Ozlo, a science-driven sleep and audio technology company. A seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience, Brian has a track record of growth and achievement in global technology companies, from pre-IPO start-ups to Fortune 100 firms. As the former Managing Director of Bose Ventures and Head of Corporate Development & Incubation, Brian played a pivotal role in introducing several groundbreaking consumer electronics innovations including Bluetooth speakers, video, SaaS and AI/ML-based audio solutions. During his two decades in leadership at Bose, Brian also spearheaded the inception, development, and growth of the sleep business within Bose Health, securing numerous patents including five in the field of sleep tech and developing products with the power to dramatically improve peoples' lives.

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