RESPIRAY: Relieve Your Airborne Allergies

Have you ever wondered if breathing purified air can relieve allergic reactions?

With Wear A+, it’s scientifically proven.


Lab tests have shown that Respiray Wear A+ effectively reduces airborne allergen particles by 99.9% thanks to its user-replaceable HEPA filters.


With Respiray Wear A+ you get:

  • Clinically tested and lab-verified allergy relief.
  • A comfortable, easy-to-use wearable with no side-effects. 


  Wear A+ provides instant protection without any side effects.

  Wear A+ provides a constant flow of clean, allergen-free air to your mouth and nose at 10x your normal breathing volume.

  With Wear A+, you can eatdrink and enjoy allergen-free air at the same time.


The device draws in air, directing it through a highly effective HEPA filter that removes any airborne allergens. The filtered air is then directed towards your mouth and nose, creating an allergen-free zone around your face and ending your worries about indoor allergies.


  • Replaceable HEPA filter (traps the airborne allergens)
  • Adjustable strap (one size fits all)
  • Quiet fans (2 speed settings)
  • Washable pre-filter (catches larger particles)