Revolve Chair: A Versatile Beanbag for the Modern Home

Introducing Revolve, the most versatile bean bag chair that is simultaneously tough and tender, regal and restful. It’s a relaxing Bean Bag, a Floor Chair with back support and a snuggle-ish Lounger.

It doesn’t matter wherever you work, whatever you do, whoever you are. When you sit in Revolve, it’s always your chair.


Like a fidget spinner, this bean bag is designed to be SPINNED. Each facet gives you a completely new sitting experience. There is no up or down and no right or wrong.

Sit on the giant base and lean on the big back cushion. Simply let the beads do their magic and take you to relaxation heaven.

With the small but supportive wedge cradling your lower back up, this mode is for when you are a little more engaged in work & study and would like to adopt a more upright sitting posture.

Turn the giant supportive base into the back cushion and all of a sudden you are sinking in the biggest and softest marshmallow.


Filled with our proprietary EPS Cloudbeans™, Revolve is the closest you’ll get to sitting on an actual cloud.

  • Formable: Since most of what makes an EPS bean is actually air, it provides a good cushioning effect.
  • Our EPS Cloudbeans™ are very versatile,  water resistant and ultra lightweight.


Too stretchy and it’ll feel like you are falling into a ball pit, too stiff and you might as well be sitting on a bench. Our dual shell membrane is the perfect balance, providing a soft yet supportive structure that follows your body movement.


From the built-in backrest to the curves and width of the seat, from sewn-in handle to the soft edges, we got everything covered.

Most importantly, meticulously engineered tripod structure provides relaxation with unparalleled support and adaptive flexibility.


Comes in versatile colors to enrich any interior and is also suited for professional and public spaces such as offices, cafés, restaurants or schools and museums.