SolarBeam by BloomWise

About SolarBeam 

SolarBeam offers you a beautiful alternative to traditional grow lights!

Our handcrafted oak grow lights make it easy to grow favorite plants.

Whether you grow your own food at home or nurture your plant collection, SolarBeam will integrate into your home décor and showcase your plants for the art pieces that they are.

SolarBeam grow lights deliver a high quality of consistent ambient warm light to provide your plants with the light spectrum they need to thrive.

SolarBeam is an easy-to-use grow light with handcrafted design, high quality materials and a high-end finish that will help your favorite plants flourish.

With timer settings, growth phase adjustment and dimmable lighting you can customize the way you grow your plants, or just set it and forget it.

Our handcrafted design, comes with beautiful oak construction, laser engraving, is individually numbered and signed (only 100!) and has a replaceable led growth panel so you can continue to use your system for many years to come.

SolarBeam makes the perfect gift for any plant enthusiast, as well as novices struggling with plant maintenance.

The simple, clean, and easy-to-use design helps you to start your own rare species collection or establish a fresh, home-grown food supply even in small spaces with low natural light.

SolarBeam was designed and assembled in Atlanta, Georgia.Thank you for supporting us and we hope our handcrafted product will light up your life!

Stretch Goals Technical Specifications


  • 100% Oak Casing
  • Laser Engraved
  • Durable Frosted Acrylic Panel
  • Mitred Edge
  • Led Light Panel (interchangeable)
  • Hand Signed and Limited and Numbered to (Only 100 Pieces)


  • Width: 12.3″x12.7″
  • Height: 1.5″

LED Panel Included with SolarBeam 

  • Dimming Settings (Light Intensity +/-)
  • Three Separate Grow Settings
  • Three Timer Settings (3h/6h/12h)
  • Interchangeable Panel

*panel subject to change

What comes with your SolarBeam device

SolarBeam Functionality

Dimming Settings

Tap the top button on the attached remote control to choose from 7 different dimming options. Use this to adjust the light intensity according to your plant’s preference.

Three Spectrum Modes

The middle button on your included remote control is to select from 3 different light spectrums with which you can optimize how you plant grows. From growth/flower/fruit to germinate/seed and all growth phases, SolarBeam allows you to grow your plants at any stage of their development.

Timer Settings

Just press the bottom button on the attached remote to choose from three automatic timer settings. This allows you to customize when your SolarBeam grow light turns on automatically.

Design and Development

Initial Design 

SolarBeam is the culmination of a series of designs and prototypes! Each one taking our project one step closer to reality. We began with the initial designs of SolarBeam in the summer of 2023. At the time we wanted to offer an alternative to traditional grow lights by making something by hand that people would want to have in their homes to display their favorite plants, or grow their own food at home.

The idea was to develop something timeless, simple-to-use, and elegant so that more people could enjoy the benefits of growing plants in their own home without having to worry about how much sunlight their plants were getting. From the start it was very important to us to have something that was well made, beautifully designed, and a light produced a high quality of ambient warm light that people would enjoy having on display at home.

Prototype 0

Our first prototype provided us an idea of what SolarBeam could become. Embossed with a gold 0 on the top right corner, this prototype was our first step in testing and refining the SolarBeam system.

With this prototype we were able to experiment with elements such as the finish, materials and dimensions of the system. Creating this first prototype was crucial as it allowed us an opportunity to iterate on our initial design and test the overall build quality of the system.

This also allowed us to go through and test a number of LED solutions. Finally we landed on a high quality system of reliable and replaceable LED grow panels, accessible through the removable back plate.

Prototype 1 

After updating our design and finally installing the system we began testing to see how well our system worked for growing plants. We are happy to report that our plants thrived in an otherwise dimly lit environment and it was invigorating to see our product finally up on the shelf.

This was the first time we invited family and some of our plant loving friends to come and see the device and try it out for themselves. This first beta test was very important for us when it came to refining SolarBeam. From this test we were to make adjustments to our final design to improve things such as flush mounting, quality of light and the overall design and laser engraving.

Final Design 

With our final design for SolarBeam we are confident that we have developed a system that you will love to have in your home. From it’s easy-to-use design, to our traditional handcrafted construction, and high quality materials we hope that you will fall in love with this device.

Through our iterations and designs we have honed in on the product that we initially set out to create. SolarBeam is now streamlined for production, testedand ready to be built in small batches to maintain a high level of quality. We believe that SolarBeam stands-out amongst traditional grow lights and provides people with a beautiful alternative that they would be proud to display in their home.

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More about BloomWise

At Bloomwise, we are your friendly neighborhood biologists with a keen eye for plants and design. As people who grow and collect plants, we are continuously exploring new avenues to keep our plants happy in an aesthetically pleasing way.

With our background in Biotechnology, BloomWise sits at a unique intersection of the natural world, design and technology. At BloomWise we are dedicated to designing products and developing technologies that help people reconnect with nature.

We have some great ideas on how to build better systems to grow and showcase your plants for the art pieces they are.

For this, we need you!

SolarBeam is our first product to market to give us the kick we need to bring you even more advanced plant enabling technologies. We hope it will bring you as much joy as it did to us.

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