TMB | The Modular Bottle

Introducing TMB | The Modular Bottle

Each TMB comes with a variation of tops so you are good to go for any situation – daily drive to work, at your gym, or just thrown in the bag.

  • The interior is made out of durable borosilicate glass – so your drinks will have a perfect taste no matter how many times you use it. Another advantage is that it makes it very easy to clean.
  • The mid-section is translucent so you can see what liquid you have inside and how much is left.



Why Glass? That’s easy – plastic bottles usually get a bad smell after a number of uses – especially if you don’t clean it just after you finish your drink. On the other hand, the glasses we have at home are neutral and easy to clean no matter how many times we use them. For holding liquids there is simply no better material than glass.

The Exterior Case protects the glass body, adds a layer of insulation, and extra functionality


Switching to a reusable bottle is one of those small things you can do that add up over time. That benefits you and the environment.

  • One TMB botte can replace thousands of single use cups or plastic bottles. You get to help the enviroment and save big
  • On average, a drink made at home is $2 cheaper than one you buy on the go. So, in just a month of use, you already covered the cost of the bottle