VELO Luggage: 3-in-1 Expandable Hardside Luggage

Introducing VELO  — the world’s first hard-side expandable suitcase that can easily switch between 3 sizes: 16″ Small Carry-on;  22″ Medium Check-in;  26″ Large Check-in.

The patented expandable design of VELO comes from its extra-wide pop-up handle and the buttons on the top. Press the Button, you can either Pull to Expand or Compress to Reduce the size of VELO in Seconds.

Plus the artistically designed PC shell,  the aerospace-grade Aluminum Frame, Customized Adjustable Dividers, Laptop Bag & Packing Cubes… VELO is the luggage you can own for life-long, and use for any trip regardless of duration and distance.

The post-pandemic era has come to light, and many have made plans to return homevisit family & friends, continue business trips, or go on to new adventures

You may have bought various sizes and materials of luggage for different needs, but the truth is many of them are resting in the closet forever.

We love traveling, but the decisions you need to make on the way are unfavorable for sure. So why not get one right luggage that can Switch Between Sizes Instantly and go for any trip?



From short trips to long vacations, weekend stays to weeks’ travelings, single trips or family ones, VELO could always be your best companion to every destination.


Our customized Packing Cube Set is made of superior materials for a luxurious experience, and we dedicatedly design them to fit VELO luggage and bring a more effortless travel experience. Including a clothes bag, underwear bag, accessory bag, wash bag, it is designed with different purposes but with only one GOAL: make your packing efficient.

Moreover, Adjustable Dividers and the Laptop Bag are also customized accessories of VELO to increase your packing efficiency and help you stay organized during the trip. Let the great journey starts from the beginning! (For more details, please take a look at the “ADD-ON” section on the following campaign page)


From top to bottom, inside to out, VELO weighs the quality of details seriously. The durable PC shell and high-quality parts are for life-long use, meanwhile, the sleek and elegant design brings aesthetics to the luggage and makes VELO the right choice for everyone to go for all journeys.

Before leaving the factory of the manufacturer, VELO has undergone a series of industrial testing to assure its durability, reliability, and high quality.

Whether it’s long walking distances, harsh cargo transporting, rainy weather, or heavy loads, VELO is able to withstand different traveling conditions and be your solid companion.

To see it more clearly, we have shot a few videos during the tests for you to check here.

All of the tests above serve only one purpose, which is to not worry about the quality of the luggage on your journey!

Here are two short clips for you to see clearly how VELO goes on different surfaces and how the zipper works when telescoping:

Zippers on VELO luggage are designed to fit perfectly with the telescoping mechanism. There are two zippers equipped on VELO: when opening and/or closing the suitcase, both zippers are needed; when telescoping, both will run along with an upper one and a lower one. Don’t worry about the inner place of the two zippers as these two are designed to fit each other!

You can see how it works more clearly in the video below:

In order to ensure our carry-on size complies with the guidelines of airline transportation and The International Air Transport Association (IATA), we came to check our carry-on-sized modeled luggage with United Airlines using a luggage size checker.


Sleek and durable, Velo’s accessories are made of superior materials for a luxurious experience and we dedicatedly design them to fit VELO and bring a more effortless travel experience. Find out what you’ll get here!

Newly available with the unlocked stretch goal! This exclusive luggage tag is specially designed to help you identify your luggage on your journey!

Fitting in the luggage perfectly, the packing cubes set includes four different bags. Different purposes with only ONE GOAL: Make your packing more efficient and no more hassles!! 

This specially designed laptop bag can be both placed inside and hanged on the handle, so it’s perfect both for packing and working-trip.

The coolest travel pillow with a built-in inflatable airbag for easing your neck/back pain during travel. Taking no extra space in your luggage, simply pump it up to use whenever you want!

The step-by-step guide is here to help you add the newly available add-on:


**<Scam Alert>** We just received several messages from our fans about this scamming page. Please be rest assured that there is no product available yet on any other platform!

Below are Shipping Estimates (Custom Taxes Included) for one VELO Luggage. The Final Shipping Cost will be calculated after the campaign ends and after you confirm the rewards (if you pledge the reward: VELO Luggage *2, the shipping cost will increase accordingly at the end), and delivery address via surveys.

We will be charging the shipping fee after the campaign ends as we will be able to provide the most discounted final shipping fee based on the amount in each region. Thanks for your understanding!

From a wild idea to a full-fledged product, the designers and founders of VELO spent almost 2 years harvesting the final model. The passion to create a piece of luggage that fits everyone’s needs, can be used for every trip, and is affordable for more, has motivated them all the way here — bringing VELO to backers who share the same idea.

VELO Team has years of experience in product design. By working with the top manufacturer that serves major global brands such as Samsonite, Delsey, and Kirkland, VELO Team has completed the trial production and passed all the industrial tests. The mass production will start as soon as the campaign ends, and the shipping is expected to start in January, following the order of pledges.

VELO is founded by a group of designers who loves traveling and travel a lot for various purposes. Being on the road for too long, they gradually found out there is a common struggle annoying every one of them — they never find the perfect luggage to bring for every trip! Therefore they decided to put together all wishes they have for the “Right Luggage”.

After 2 years of experiments, from one idea to a ready-to-use VELO,  the team finally brings out the product they once dreamed of. And they believe VELO can make the “Right Luggage” for others too.