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During the pandemic period, we have raised concern to the hygiene around us. We wipe, we spray and we clean a lot, just to guard our health and prevent illness.

You may like to use different cleaners, but they may contain harmful chemicals. You may like to wipe furniture and wall surfaces, but you may not want to get them wet. You may put your cushions and pillows in the sun, but you can’t do it for your sofa and mattress. There are also spots too far away from available sockets, where your cleaner just simply cannot reach.

Can’t we do cleaning in a better, simpler way? Can’t we have an all-purpose hygienic cleaner that is natural, dry, and easy to use? Can’t we use this wonderful cleaner anywhere? SUMJet Pro will be your answer.



SUMJet Pro cleans and purifies everything from delicate clothing, keyboard to your car interior through Superheated Ultra-fine Mist (SUM)*. SUM eliminates dirt, stain and bad odor, yet doesn’t damage the material for it passes through in just a split second. SUMJet Pro requires only clean water to work, makes it 100% chemical-free. With its compact size, you can bring it with you on the trip to keep things fresh.


* SUMJet is patent-pending (Utility & Design)

SUMJet Pro is not just a hygienic purifier, it can be your garment steamer too. With the two-in-one characteristics, you can do purifying and cleaning, plus steam-ironing for your shirts and suits. The steam also works great at refreshing your car seats and upholstery. SUMJet Pro is the next-generation dry steamer you can’t miss!




Introducing in the new SUMJet Pro, now with revolutionary cordless technology. With an external battery base included, it can now work totally unplugged from the socket. Carry it around to spray hard and reach every corner of the room, freshen up your bathtub, or vaporize stains & molds on your kitchen wall.


SUM is dry and moisture-free. It evaporates quickly and will not get your items wet. SUMJet Pro purifies anything in your house, from sofa & cushions to mattress & thicker fabrics. We designed it to be compact, portable, sustainable, and affordable to family households. It will be the most revolutionary household cleaner you will ever need.



SUM is ultra-fine too. Its smaller molecule size enables it penetrates thicker clothes and fabrics. Dry steam cleaning and ironing becomes easier and more effective.



Unlike traditional dry cleaners, the mist generated from SUMJet Pro is both finer and hotter. As water is superheated to 320°F (160°C) and sprayed out, the SUM will travel through the item you attempt to clean and obliterate everything from mud dirt, oil, sauce stain, mold fungal, dust mite and microorganism through intense heat. The high temperature and small particle size of SUM is more efficient than regular steam mist, meaning less of it is required and your item is exposed to less heat and humidity.



The lower density of the SUM means it can be propelled further into the items you are cleaning. It is also handy if you are trying to clean something that you cannot reach directly, like the gap behind your oven. Recorded at 34m/s high speed, the mist doesn’t lose speed until it has exited the item, taking all unwanted dirty stuff with it. It is also able to penetrate leather and bed mattress, which are difficult to clean otherwise.


Cleaning with SUMJet Pro is a true one-step job. Just power it up, unplug and spray for a few seconds. The SUM spray eliminates any microorganism through high temperature and pressure.


Dust mites and bedbugs are commonly hidden in mattress and cushions. With the powerful stream from SUMJet Pro, no bugs (e.g. lice, moths and nits) can stand a chance for surviving to survive.


Mold and fungi can easily form on wooden furniture or toilet pipes. Frustrating as they are difficult to get rid of. Using SUMJet Pro can avoid their proliferation. Thanks to the high temperature, SUM is a natural and effective way to eliminate mold and fungi.


SUMJet Pro can quickly freshen up your clothes, deodorize your shoes or reduce unpleasant smells on your furniture. Often one run-through with the SUMJet Pro is enough to refresh your shirt or socks, which is very handy on a trip.


After a cold wash, some microorganisms may still remain. SUMJet Pro irons and purifies your clothes without getting them wet. It kills creases and wipes off smears. It is even powerful enough to take wrinkles out of thicker fabrics.



Thanks to the high temp & speed, SUM is moisture-free.  You can get your clothes dry instantly. When you are in a hurry, you can still freshen up and remove odour with SUMJet Pro. Just iron and dress up. You are ready to go.


SUMJet Pro cleans with a jetstream. Its gaseous nature means it can reach places where brushes and liquid spray cannot. The gap behind the fridge is smelling funny? No problem, SUM will travel through and clean it up. With the high-pressure nature of the spray, an extended spray will travel very far down the nozzle. It will reach deep inside hard to reach spaces that others cannot.



SUMJet Pro is a true one-step household cleaning solution. Just power it up and wait for awhile. SUM will be ready soon and you can start spraying and purifying your home furniture.  The boiler will maintain heat and pressure, so it can complete cleaning task even when unplugged for a while.


Dry cleaning is often used to clean items that can’t be soaked. Very often, those are also items susceptible to damage by the chemicals in detergents. SUMJet Pro achieves 100% cleanliness without any of these, making sure your precious clothing or furniture is not damaged during and after the cleaning by residue chemicals.



To sustain a SUM spray, SUMJet Pro has to maintain high temperature and pressure. This involves powerful heating, which is best done by a modern heating device. Our heating core is both smaller than traditional heating wires, yet uses just a fraction of their energy to achieve the same amount of heat. It has a technically infinite lifespan, no replacement will be needed.



Safety is our peak concern and we make sure SUMJet Pro is safe under all conditions. We have included a short circuit fuse, which breaks off all power from SUMJet Pro once a short has happened. Then we have a water-level sensor that prevents boiling if the water level is below limit. Lastly, an overheating trigger will also shut SUMJet Pro off if it is overheated due to non-stop operation or hot climate. They all work while plugged in or unplugged. You can always use it with full safety and confidence.