YoAudio | The new wave in activity communications



Harry Dewhirst, Ex-CEO Linksys & YoAudio Founder, said “At YoAudio, our mission is simple: Keep people connected, no matter where they are. We are a community of skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers – action enthusiasts and families –  who wanted to find a way to always stay safe and connected,  instead of shouting across hilltops and roads.

Lubbo, Co-Founder said “When you’re off the beaten track, phone signal always lets you down, so how can you make sure that you, your friends and family have even more fun …share the vibe and stay safe. Enter YoAudio, we have modernized sport communication  using Bluetooth 5.1 – made  hands free, with a one-touch mute, boosted range and exceptional battery-life. With only 3-buttons The outcome is the perfect companion for  adventures!’

‘Lubbo is a 10-year Ski Seasonaire who has lived and worked ski seasons in Canada, Japan, France & Austria. A backcountry snowboarder, he knows the importance of keeping in touch in the elements.

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