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We will guarantee if your project does not get at least 1x return with us we’ll provide an extra newsletter blast. If the second feature still doesn’t get at least 1x return, we’ll refund the difference between the pledges we raised and what you paid.

Projects We Helped with

JMGO N1 Ultra

$12249 raised with Backerfeed


$9056 raised with Backerfeed

Feiyu Pocket 3

$5270 raised with Backerfeed


$14748 raised with Backerfeed

The Tasman

$1489 raised with Backerfeed


¥ 1426600 raised with Backerfeed


$2672 raised with Backerfeed



68.1% North America

23.5% Europe

8.4% Asia


65.4% Male, 34.6% Female

42.1% Age 25-34, 23.2% Age 35-44

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Tech & Design

Home & Kitchen


Board games

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What is the difference between shared and dedicated newsletters?

A shared newsletter is our standard newsletter type, usually with multiple projects in one email. A dedicated newsletter will only focus on one project in the email.

How can I submit my project?

We curate projects that we think are interesting and trustworthy for our community, you can submit your project here.

What kind of projects can be submitted?

We accept projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, both pre-launch or live projects are welcomed.

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