Project Highlights

🔥 A powerful wireless speaker (90dB max)

🔥 Audiophile quality

🔥 20 hours of playback time


+ Powerful sound and solid bass
+ Very loud as a wireless speaker
+Water resistant, good for outdoor use


– A bit heavy to carry around
– The shape makes it hard to carry
– Not very impressive at lower volume

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First Impression

The moment I unboxed this speaker I was immediately amazed by the look of it, it is beautiful. It has a glossy black finish just like a grand piano, which sadly means it would catch some fingerprints.

For those who care about it, you may have to clean it from time to time or try not to touch it.

App & Controls

Luckily, according to their Kickstarter page, there will be an app for you to control the speaker so you won’t have to touch it as often.

The app will be capable to handle common controls like adjusting volume and changing tracks, and also more advanced controls like choosing which device to be connected with the speaker and TWS configurations if you own more than one.


This is a speaker after all, so no matter how good it looks and how great its control and user experience are, it all comes down to how it sounds. It is hard to demonstrate how the speaker sound here so I will try my best to describe my listen to experience with the speaker in writing.

I have tested the speaker with songs in different genres, that includes pop, hip-hop, rock, edms and some classical (I know nothing about classical music lol). The speaker supports Bluetooth connection and line-in with USB-C, so I tried both connection methods.

First of all, the bass really stood out, it’s solid and powerful. There are a lot of speakers that focus on the bass, but sometimes you feel the bass is loud but forced. However, the DB really did a great job of delivering punchy bass, it feels more like what you would get in a cinema than what you would have expected from a wireless speaker. I mean bass is literal in their product name (and Doubled!), and they really do manage to meet the expectation.

But that’s not all, although the bass is outstanding on this speaker, it did not overpower other sounds. When listening to hip-hop music with heavy bass, I can still clearly hear the vocals and instruments like piano. And I think this speaker performs better with male vocals, they tend to stand out more in comparison to female vocals.


The UB+ Double Bass wireless speaker is no doubt a very nice speaker. Although it is a wireless speaker that is meant to be portable, it also matches some indoor speakers in terms of sound quality, I found it to be great even working as speakers for a home theatre setup by pairing two using its TWS feature.

 Overall, it is a very nice speaker with that price tag($149 on Kickstarter).

*This was a sample unit the team sent us for review purposes.