1. A compact 84 key full sized mechanical keyboard

2. Supports wired and wireless

3. Customizable macros with a dedicated app

+  The whole keyboard can be programmed and remapped

+ Compact in size

+ Also works with smartphones and tablets

 – No number pad

 – Some may find the compact key layout hard to use

– Nothing groundbreaking from other keyboards available

Mechanical is a matter of feel, if you’re a gamer or someone who does a lot of typing, you would probably enjoy the precise action and audible confirmation from every tap. Marsback is an 84-key full-sized mechanical keyboard which is designed to allow everyone to take advantage of the super tactile experience. With dual connectivity for Mac, Windows, and Android lovers, Marsback’s outstanding performance and unique design make it stand out from another brand, giving you an experience like no other.

Durability and aesthetic appealing are not contradictory. Marsback uses CNC’d Polycarbonate base simply for the wonderful aesthetic and lack of tooling costs. Each keyboard is a piece of art, it is engraved, assembled, and finished by hand, a translucent opaline Polycarbonate top with nice-looking beveled edges. Surface-mounted RGB backlight LEDs light effect all way round, giving you a good light-show while typing or gaming.