1.Wireless remote tripod

2. 7+ professional functions 

3. Automatic rendering


+  People Remover

+ Star tracking

+ Shoot preview

+ Timelapse photograhpy

 – Expensive

 – Size is too big


Polaris is a wireless, smart electric tripod head. What does that mean? Polaris helps photographers conveniently frame the perfect shooting angle with ease. If you are a lover of landscape and nature photography, or even astrophotography – Polaris can make your shooting efficient and uncomplicated. In addition, Polaris can automatically render photos that normally required computer processing, such as panoramic photos, time-lapses, exposure bracketing, and so on. By introducing Polaris to the world, we hope to dismantle the technical boundaries traditional photographic tripods currently face to a more progressive and intelligent stage.

Every notable landmark seems to have one thing in common: tourists, and lots of them! Removing tourists or any unwanted moving objects from a photo used to be incredibly slow and tedious work. With the Scene Retouching feature built into Polaris, all you have to do is to take several shots of the same scene, and Polaris will automatically remove tourists or unwanted objects from photos and finally generate a clean photo as if they were never there.