1. Most advanced 3D printer for TPR

2. Print elasticity & high resiliency

3. Convenient built-in touchscreen


+  Two swappable extruders

+ Printing in Thermo Plastic Rubber

+ Built-in touchscreen LCD

 – Print size could be limited

 – Expensive


3D printing is innovative technology that is changing the way products are created. Many of us have purchased a 3D printer hoping to print gadgets for daily use. Unfortunately, achieving useful prints for everyday objects is difficult due to the lack of elasticity and durability of the printing filament, ultimately making the 3d printer nothing more than a fun but expensive toy.

That’s why the Atomstack Technology team invented the Atomstack Cambrian 3D printer. It’s totally unique and unlike anything available on the market. It includes two swappable extruders that give it the power to print virtually anything. One is a 1.75mm extruder for common filament materials and the other is a specially designed 2.85mm extruder for TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) filament. Printing in Thermo Plastic Rubber opens up endless possibilities and lets users create durable end-use products for real world applications.