1. Up to 4TB SSB with 6-in-1 Hub

2. 950MB/s read & write speed

3. Compatible with all smartphones, tablets, laptops and video game console


Backup features

SD card reader

HDMI display output

Cheap SSD for 4TB capacity

Only 1 USB 3.1 hub

Looking for a storage that will backup your files, games, programs, videos and photos in seconds? 

Powered with a lightning-fast 950MB/s read and write system, TurboHub is the world’s fastest SSD and USB-C hub. You will be able to transfer all the files from your cameras, drones, or computers to your TurboHub in a blink of an eye.

No additional software needed. Simply drag and drop your files!

“macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, etc. — no matter what operating system you have installed on your laptop or computer, eventually, you’ll need additional storage.

Along with providing multi-port connectivity, TurboHub is the lightweight, pocket-friendly and high-capacity external solid-state drive (SSD) solution you are looking for.

With up to 4TB of available storage, you will get additional space to save all your media, data, game and program files and effectively boost your computing experience.”